U.S. Mail Trucks
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U.S. Mail Semi Tractor Truck by Marx
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Sometime in the 1950's the old postal green gave way to the Red, White and Blue. Marx did a nice
job of interpreting this cross-country mail hauler. Dual wheels on the trailer axles would have been nice.
U.S. Mail Box Truck by Marx- Version #1
Local cross-town mail would best be hauled by this little box truck. There is no evidence that it came
equipped with a back door or tailgate. Must have lost a lot of mail that way.
U.S. Mail Box Truck by Marx - Version #2
Almost an exact copy of the truck above, this one features a slightly different paint scheme on the cab.
U.S. Mail Jeep Dispatch by Western Stamping
This is what you've waited for all day. It's usually a welcome arrival, bringing good news, well wishes,
letters from loved ones, and sometimes even a bill or two to your door. Hail to the mail delivery person