Minnitoy Trucks - Index Page
About Minnitoys
Construction Toys
    Soon after war production closed down, the Otaco Company began making simple steel toys.
    The two examples shown on this site demonstrate their somewhat primitive nature. They also
    made other interesting toys, illustrations of which can be seen in the Ron McBain Literature
Gasoline Tanker Trucks
    Otaco representatives went to great lengths to gain approval to use well known oil company
    logos on their tanker trucks. This approval was stated in their advertising. The catalog number for
    all tanker trucks, regardless of their oil company logo, was M.T. - 29. The original price was
Heinz Trucks
    There may not have been "57 varieties" of Heinz Minnitoy trucks, but there were at least 7 Heinz
    products advertised on these "rolling billboards." All Heinz trucks were white and featured red
    wheel discs - a very attractive combination.
Tractor-Trailer Trucks
    When it comes to pure advertising impact, you just can't beat the Minnitoy tractor-trailer trucks.
    Many companies used them as promotional items to increase sales at stores carrying their
    brands. Many others were used as private label trucks, even for somewhat limited markets. They
    are considered among the most collectible of all Minnitoy trucks.
Straight Trucks
    The regular Minnitoy production line included a number of realistic Dump Trucks as well as an
    Auto Wrecker, an Ice Truck and a Beverage Truck. Another unique and special item was the
    Beaver Lumber Truck. Some of these straight trucks had dual rear axles, giving them a very
    "beefy" appearance.
    Printed material regarding Minnitoys seems to be quite scarce. The Otaco company's main
    product line was farm equipment. This material is more readily available.
The Ron McBain Collection
    Ron has some very nice (and rare) Minnitoy trucks. Some of them are shown on these guest
    pages. Ron also has available several Minnitoy decals for restoration purposes. These are of
    extremely high quality.
Ron McBain Literature
    View some fascinating old Minnitoy catalog pages and check out those prices!
Minnitoy Decals For Sale
    See a list of Very High Quality dry transfer decals available for the Minnitoy and Lincoln Trucks.
Known Variations
    A comprehensive list of the known variations of Minnitoy trucks. The list does not include those
    trucks made with the early style cab. It also does not include construction or other types of toys
    made by Otaco.