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The single rear axle truck (on the left) has
crimped-over upper bed edges on the outside.
The dual rear axle truck has crimped-over edges
on the inside. It is not known which version is the
earlier example.
The tailgate locking mechanism of the single rear
axle version (on the left) uses a swinging bar.
The dual rear axle version uses simple pegs and
notches to secure the load - a system also found
on other dump trucks. A mystery.
This Minnitoy truck might well win the award for "handsomest of the line" - if there was such an
award. It would be hard to beat for sheer eye appeal. It's huge size, great proportions, and vivid
color all work together to make this dual rear axle Dept. Of Highways truck one of the best looking
examples of the OTACO production line.
When compared to its "little brother" the dual rear axle truck displays a few differences. The rear
checkerboard design is smaller in scale on the dual rear axle truck. The dump beds were both made
with crimped-over top edges, but the dual rear axle truck crimps are on the inside of the bed. The
tailgate locking mechanisms are also different as shown below.
This near mint example shows a smudged "D" in the "Dept. Of Highways" logo. Both sides have
this same defect - leading to the conclusion that this was probably a quality control issue with the
silk screening process.