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#2014 Aerial Ladder
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Doepke Fire Dept. Toys
Version #3 - 1954
#2008 Aerial Ladder
After an absence from the line for over a year, Doepke reintroduced the "improved" Aerial Ladder
Truck and gave it a new model number. The biggest change from the 1950 and 1951-52 versions was
the cast main ladder. This gave greater detail to the toy and is therefore among today's collector
favorites. There were other changes as noted below. It was made from 1954 through 1956.
The ladder control
system was redesigned
and black, heftier knobs
replaced the red ones
used earlier.
Slide-out stabilizers
were installed under the
ladder turret.
The bell was re-located
to a mid-ships position.
The spring-loaded
"hydraulic" lifting
cylinders were
redesigned. Note the
smooth turret deck!
At $20.75 this was a very
expensive toy for its
The Inland Container
Corporation box is date
coded for 1954.
The scaling ladders were
also changed for 1954.
The crimped over sides
better resisted bending.