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#2008 Aerial Ladder Truck

The photo at right depicts the two versions of
the #2008 Aerial Ladder Trucks alongside the
later ("improved") version, #2014.

It is reported that there may have been a
third variation of the #2008 which featured a
flashing red light - I have never seen one.

All versions of this toy are stellar examples of
a well-made, handsome, and inspirational toy
that captivated the hearts of youngsters in
the 1950's and collectors today.
Version #1  -  1950
The most distinguishing feature of the first version #2008 Aerial Ladder Truck is its "lucite" windshield.
This example is missing the diamond tread running boards which commonly came loose. Another early
feature was the siren - as evidenced by the wind-up key under the ladder turret.
Note the diamond plate
deck and the red
cylindrical knob used to
extend the ladder.
The red serrated plastic
knob on the left is used
to raise and lower the
main ladder system.
The shiny plating on this
Version #1 example is as
These decals honored
the town where the
Doepke toys were made.
The Model Toys decal
was located on the hose
bed on all versions.
This box by Container
Corporation of
America is dated 1950.
Version #2  -  1951-52
By 1951 the "lucite" windshield was omitted as was the wind-up siren which never worked according
to the Doepke's satisaction. Other than that, the second version was much the same as the first.
The bell on the first two
versions of the Aerial
Ladder Truck was
mounted on the right
front corner.
The ladder extension
and lift systems
remained unchanged on
Version #2.
This Version #2 example  
inexplicably uses
smooth-surfaced metal
for the turret deck.
The pressed aluminum
main ladder is another
defining characteristic of
the first two versions.
The front view is faithful
to the real American
LaFrance from which it
was modeled.
This rough box is dated