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Ice Truck by Marx
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Before we bring up the soda trucks, we need to stock up on ice. This "Crescent Ice. Co." truck by Marx
will do the job nicely. You can't beat the colors and artwork that make this truck a standout.
From this view it looks more like a train than a
truck! Plastic ice cubes (below) are not original
Skinny tin wheels show excellent graphic detail,
but didn't hold up with hard play.
Coca-Cola Truck by Marx
Marx made a series of trucks (both metal and plastic) with the Coca-Cola brand name. All are highly
prized today by collectors. This one is fairly common, but still brings a high price when in prime condition.
Even the shadows were lithographed. Really neat! Nothing refreshed you on a hot day more than a
delicious drink of Coca-Cola from an ice-cold bottle. At least that's what the signs all said.