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Ideal Mobil Wrecker
It is not known if this truck was ever used by Mobilgas stations as a premium toy. It was well made and
probably dates to the early 1960's. I couldn't figure out how to release the tilting cab. Need to be 8 yrs. old.
The height of the wrecker boom is very easy to adjust. The tow hook was not adjustable at all.
Does that sticker say "unbreakable" or "breakable"?
A rather compact six-cylinder engine!
Sinclair Fuel Truck
This is NOT just a repainted Texaco Jet Fuel truck. And then again, it is. It was repainted for a Sinclair
demonstration piece. Click on the icon at right for a review of the paperwork that went with this truck.
Sinclair Bank Set
Nice set of paper-label tin can banks. Is there a connection between buying gasoline and saving money?