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Buddy L Gas Station  -  1960
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Perhaps the most desirable Texaco premium of all time is the Buddy L gas station - a masterpiece of
detail and realism. There were two versions. The second version used B.F. Goodrich window signs.
The pumps and air dispenser often have broken
hoses. These survived intact. Nice pump labels!
The roll-up doors and the wide open back wall
allowed for easy access to the interior.
Very important - especially to the ladies and
cross-country travelers.
You could pick out a new set of tires on your
way to the rest rooms. Very handy.
It's almost impossible to resist adding some
extra detail to this already impressive station.
The ever present Coca-Cola machine supplied
workers and travelers alike with refreshment.
Trust your car to the man with the star. The
1959 Ford station wagon is by Product Miniature.
Notice the attendant out front. He's carrying a
floor jack! Not for the feint of heart.
A cluttered workbench is in contrast to the
immaculately clean floor.
Every station needs a nifty "parts-getter" pick-up
such as this 1940 Ford.