Nylint F-Series Dump Trucks
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#5100 - Dump Truck  -  1966-70
Abandoning the familiar red and yellow paint scheme, the 1966 version appeared in a pastel green
and white format - perhaps to attract more girls to the toy truck marketplace.
#5100 - Dump Truck  -  1966-70(?)
This black and yellow color scheme was never pictured in Nylint's advertising but was probably
available during the same period as the truck shown above. Both are relatively rare today.
#5100 - Dump Truck  -  1966-70(?)
Another seldom seen color variation. Characteristics place this truck in approximately the same time
period as both of the trucks above. It was not shown in the Nylint catalogs.
#6100 - Hydraulic Dump Truck  -  1963-70
Besides the line-up of mechanical Dump Trucks listed above, Nylint also offered a power-assisted
Dump Truck. Its hydraulic ram provided help lifting those heavy loads of wet sand.
Although identical in outward appearance, there were actually two versions of the Hydraulic Dump
Truck. What I believe to be the first version is pictured above with its horizontally mounted ram.
This mounting of the ram seems to provide more leverage and eliminates the need for a hole in the
back of the cab. Therefore, I believe it is the second variation - pending further discovery.