Nylint F-Series Trucks - Pick-Ups, etc.
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#8500 - Pick-Up  -  19??
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Like the previous two trucks, this truck was never shown in the Nylint catalogs. I beleive it is a #8500
Pick-Up. These were produced by Nylint and shipped in Nylint boxes, but the exact years of
production are not known. Both door decals are the same.
#6300 - Horse Van  -  1963-67
The #6300 Horse Van was a huge seller for Nylint and incorporated the newest philosophy of the
company - appeal to more girls! There were four significant versions as shown above.
Version #1 - 1963-64
A very appealing truck to both boys and girls!
Each truck came with 4 horses; 2 brown, 2 beige.
Eye-catching decals - Nylint got a lot of mileage out of the "Thoroughbred Farms" decal on later toys.
The boldly striped rear tailgate, as well as the side doors, folded down to double as loading ramps.
The plastic sky-dome was the "achilles heel" of
this truck. Finding an uncracked one is difficult.
Nylint boxes and catalog illustrations used the
early style cab throughout #6300 production.