Nylint F-Series Trucks - Pick-Ups,etc.
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#4400 - Camper  -  1961-62
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Although offered for two years, the #4400 Camper is difficult to find today, especially with its original
box and foam rubber sleeping pads. Camping trucks were popular items in Nylint's line of toys.
These "benches" in the bed of the #4400 Camper are unique. No other pick-up used them. Notice also
the absence of the separately applied taillights used in 1960.
Camper Special  -  1965-??
This toy was not listed in the Nylint catalogs but was used by the Ford Motor Co. to promote truck
sales. It was an outstanding and accurate copy of the real thing - as shown above.
An added value feature of this truck was its built-in Philco am radio inside the camper shell. Ford
owned Philco at the time. The Philco listening guide came with each Camper Special toy.
Apparently, the model of truck you were interested in depended upon which door you opened. Ford
must have wanted to get the most mileage out of each advertising toy. Nice decals - very nice truck.
True Value Pick-Up  -  1966??
Another un-cataloged toy. This one was probably produced exclusively for the True Value hardware
stores and sold only through their retail outlets. The indented roof indicates a late period toy.