Nylint F-Series StakebedTrucks
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Chase and Sanborn Truck
Except for the door decal, the Chase and Sanborn truck was identical in every way to the #4500
Ranch truck. Even the color was the same. The Chase and Sanborn version, however, is much rarer.
Notice the box labels this toy as a "Ranch Truck" and then adds the Chase and Sanborn designation
below. Each Chase and Sanborn truck came with six cute little coffee cartons.
Considered a Private Label truck, the Chase and Sanborn Co. probably used it in promotional ways.
This truck was never shown in the Nylint catalogs. Nice graphics on both the door and the carton!
Boysen Paint Truck
If the #4500 Ranch Truck is the most common Nylint stakebed, then the Boysen Paint is the most
rare. A simple decal change between them makes all the difference in the world. SUPER RARE.
The lug-type tread shown above seems to
appear on most stakebed trucks.
The flying eagle logo looked pretty sharp. Don't
know if there ever was a real Boysen Paint Co.,
but this Private Label truck was never in the
Nylint catalogs.