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#2400 - Electronic Cannon  -  1956-59
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There were two significant versions of the #2400 Electronic Cannon. The first year model (1956) did
not have the radar dish attachment. And, late model versions omitted the rear barrel stand.
#2400 - Electronic Cannon  -  1956
A most popular toy. Easy to find today, but not always with the original box and red rockets. The box
did not show the radar dish until the following year. Nylint advertising introduced this feature in 1957.
The "Electronic" controls often failed prematurely
and few survivors operate as intended.
The red rockets shown here are original, but
excellent reproductions are available.
Here is a case where the box was used as an integral part of the toy. Three holes could be cut into
one side to form a target. Printed instructions were clear and easy to follow.
#2400 - Electronic Cannon  -  1957-58
This second version of the #2400 Electronic Canon includes a rotating radar dish. Compare the
graphics with the box above. A third version (painted yellow and blue!) was available in 1959, but very
few exist today, indicating a low production number. [Which seemed to be true of many of the toys
that appeared in the 1959 Nylint catalog - often in strange colors.]