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The Rolybird is most likely the rarest of all Doepke toys. This one was purchased from Maine and was in  
poor condition with many rust pits. Hundreds of hours later it looks pretty close to its original state.
The seat could be moved forward two more
positions to accommodate smaller drivers.
Those are the original pedals! The housing kept the
driver protected from the chain and sprocket gears.
The steering wheel was simple, yet futuristic. It
steered the single rear wheel.
Tubing members were held together with an
interior sleeve secured with sheet metal screws.
A single rod connected the bottom of the steering
column with the rear pivot wheel.
It was under this cap that I found the only trace of
the original yellow paint.
I was able to use "off-the-shelf" hardware store
wheels to closely match the well-worn originals.
A new axle had to be fashioned. It rides in a ball
bearing concealed within the frame clamp above.