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Dump Trucks
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The most common of all Dunwell trucks
is the proverbial Dump Truck
Yellow cab trucks are very hard to find.
Notice the subtle differences? The rear
wheels are single instead of double.
    It's reported that there was a
    Buckeye Dump Truck made
    with a green cab and a yellow
    bed for the Dunwell Jr.
    Contractor Set #1014 and a
    red cab with a yellow bed as  
    part of the Buckeye Jr.
    Contractor Set  #775.
    I have never seen either one.
This great-looking dual axle dump may   
have also been available with a green
Check out that price!
I believe this Pick-Up was repainted at
the factory. The original blue paint is
visible under the yellow, but it was
obviously dip-painted and not sprayed. I
have also seen this done to other
Dunwell trucks.
Buckeye Pick-Ups came in at lease two different shades of blue
Steel Haulers
Gray is a rare color for the Buckeye
A chain was used across the back.
There were at least two shades of green used on the Dunwell Steel Haulers. Those made by Fame were more of a pale green.
Fame also made a blue Steel Hauler which was included with their Tractor and Trailer Set.
Grain Haulers
Although found in all four colors
shown here, the Dunwell Grain
Hauler trailer also  came in a
fourth color - Pale Green - as in
 the Tractor and Trailer set
produced by  Fame.  
The grain door is often missing on
these trailers, but a Tonka
replacement will work.
Auto Wreckers
Red, White and Blue! The Fame production run also included a white cab with blue bed horizontal boom Auto Wrecker.
An all-blue Dunwell Auto Wrecker, similar to the above, was also produced
This unique tow hook appears on
the  blue and gray Buckeye
horizontal boom Auto Wrecker.
An all-blue Auto Wrecker, similar to the
above, has also been reported.
Only Buckeye produced the slant-boom
Auto Wrecker. It also came in light blue.