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Pick-Up Truck
The Mighty Metal Pick-Up Truck had several number changes during its long history. The construction
of the toy remained consistent from year to year. Only the colors and the numbers changed. The
#1851 example shown above is probably a 1967 version. There were several special production
variations based on the standard Pick-Up, but these had short life-spans. The dates shown for the
examples below are estimates since these specific colors do not appear in the Hubley catalogs.
The box for this truck carries the number 882, indicating it was likely made in the first year of the
Mighty Metal series, 1963. Later boxes carried different numbers.
The number 1882 would place this truck as a 1964-65 version. The "1" prefix was added in the 1964
catalog. The metallic paint was probably meant to update this truck to "modern" standards.
Another #1882 truck, but this time a special production run for the Western Auto stores. These trucks
were not carried in the standard Hubley catalogs. The bright red paint makes for a great looking truck!