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Although available for only two years, the #1928 Mighty Metal Pile Driver was the best seller of the
three special purpose trucks introduced in 1964. Perhaps it was the unique function of the truck that
caught the eye - after all how many other pile-driver trucks were out there? The system worked well
as long as you didn't lose the folding angle braces on each side of the tower - which often happened.
Pulling on the sturdy cord raised the driving
weight until it released at the top of the tower.
Each truck came with a supply of six posts -
stained black and sharpened on one end.
In 1964 the U.S. Army Carryall was numbered #1890. It was not listed in the 1965 catalog and
therefore may have been available for only one year. It originally came with a "covered wagon" style
top on the bed which was supported by two bent wires. That top is missing on the example above.
The box calls it a "U.S. Army Truck." The catalog
called it a "U.S. Army Carryall." Take your choice.
Hubley used just the base tire/wheel for this
truck - saving the cost of those whitewalls!
The "U. S. Army" decal on both doors and the RWB insignia on the hood, along with the olive drab
paint left no doubt this was a military truck. A relatively rare adaption of the standard Pick-Up.