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In my opinion the cast cab-overs made by
Structo during the first half of the 1950's decade
are the "Rodney Dangerfields" of the toy
collecting hobby. They don't get nearly the
respect they deserve.

They were great-looking trucks - with a strong
resemblance to the renowned Smith-Miller line.

Nice ones are currently easy to find and acquire
at an extremely reasonable price. If you're
considering collecting a single marque, the
Structo cab-overs are a wise choice.
#609 Barrel Truck    1951-54(?)
The #609 Barrel Truck is an outstanding representative of the Structo cast cab-over line. It has that
"chunky" well-proportioned look. The example above might be referred to as the standard version
having cast-in headlights and sporting the red/white paint scheme. Each truck came with 2 banks.
#811 Barrel Truck  - 1951-54(?)
Although almost identical to the truck above, this version features a wind-up motor below the bed and
separately applied headlights. The #811 came with only one bank and was always painted red and
blue. It's production years are uncertain but was probably simultaneous with the un-powered #609.
Other Structo cab-overs featured a chrome-plated cab. These are referred to as the "Deluxe" line.
There were many varieties of all three types.

A fourth type which appeared late in the decade is less common. These late cab-overs were made of
pressed steel with either green or red cabs. There were few variations of them. See McElwee's guide
for a more detailed description.