Structo Trucks - 1960's
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#302 Wrecker  - 1962-63
Obviously using the famed Ford cab-over styling of the times, Structo made this handsome wrecker
with those excellent dual wheels on dual rear axles.
I dialed that number - to no avial. Used my AAA
Note original cord and simple tow hook.
#307 Fire Rescue  -  1961-64
This compact piece of fire-fighting equipment used the same cab as the wrecker above. It was a
good-looking truck and sold very well.
The roof horn and side mirrors are missing from this truck. They were probably never installed by the
person who opened the box - as evidenced by the factory paint still in the mounting holes at right.
The plastic real in the back housed a fire hose
that looked more like a shoe-string.
I guess the ladders were supposed to hang out
over the back end - otherwise the firemen
couldn't get out of their truck.