Structo Trucks - 1960's
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#406 Timber Toter  -  1960 (?)
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The Timber Toter is interesting in that it used the same cast trailer first introduced in the early 1950's
on their cast cab-over line. Structo really got mileage out of some of their toys.
The purchaser was left with the final assembly - inserting the mirrors, windshield wipers, and horn.
Here again we see that the horn mounting holes are still covered with factory paint.
The log load was secured with two chains. There
were five 15" x 1.25" logs
Although this trailer may be an ancient design, it
still looked great with excellent cast-in details.
#407 Hydraulic Dump Truck  -  1961-63
Looking very much like a Nylint product, the #407 Hydraulic Dump was an exceptionally classy truck.
The dual axles with dual tires gave it that massive look - and the green metallic paint looked great too.
The spring-loaded dump lever activated the smooth, slow rising of the bed. Very impressive.
#606 Hydraulic Sanitation  -  1961-63
This Hydraulically Operated Sanitation Truck uses a bed that will have a long successful run in the
Sructo line. The all-white color scheme seems to be one of the harder versions to find. Great truck!