Structo Trucks - 1960's
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#904 Nationwide Rental Set  -  1962
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Similar to Nylint's U-Haul Rental Fleet, the Structo Nationwide set also seems to have used the 1965
Ford Pick-Up as a model. Unlike the Nylint set, however, you could not string all three pieces together.
A clever elongated slot in the tailgate hinge allowed the gate to drop completely down to serve as a
loading ramp.
#311 Pick-Up  -  1964
The #311 Pick-Up appeared in the 1964 Structo catalog and may have been available a year or two
earlier. It certainly was a modern-looking truck with its massive front bumper and nifty tailgate logo.
#401 Hydraulic Dump Truck  -  1964-65
This appears to be the successor to the #407 Hydraulic Dump Truck (less one rear axle and the
plastic trim pieces). Even though it may not be as impressive as the former version it still looks good.