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Marx Cities Service Wrecker
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During the 1950's Marx produced a large (20" long) and beautiful Cities Service Wrecker. There were
minor changes throughout its production run. Three examples of those changes are shown above.
These aerial views highlight the differences in chassis color, spare wheel accessory, and tool box
changes. The photo below shows an early chain pulley on the left and an updated version on the right.
The early pulley (left) was quite problematic,
often causing premature chain breakage.
Wheel designs changed often. Different colored
plastic inserts gave way to metal hubcap discs.
Mint Boxed Example  -  1958
This example is dated 1958 by its box code shown at the bottom of the page. It's dark forest green
chassis and cab are nicely complimented by the white bed and striped metal wheel discs. Only 2 tools.
The hoisting winch was a nice design with its
hinged ratchet lever. Chain was a weak point.
All trucks carried the number 17. Some large
cities may have had that many trucks in service.
The number 2598 may have been a model
number. Who knows?