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Marx Cities Service Wrecker  -  1960's(?)
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The date of manufacture of this Cities Service Wrecker is not known, but the style of the cab seems
to indicate early 1960's when cab-overs with dual headlights were all the rage. Nice decals!
While the hoisting winch mechanism remained unchanged from the earlier version shown on the
previous page, the stamped metal lateral boom support was a big improvement over the two wires.
A noise-making clacker was affixed to the
non-steerable front axle.
These spacer sleeves are begging to be
replaced by dual wheels on the back axle.
Leslie-Henry Cities Service Oil Truck
Another Cities Service truck whose date of manufacture is unknown, but Leslie-Henry was producing a
nice line of cast pot metal toys in the mid 1950's. It was motorized and looked great - coming or going!