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Carpenter's Pick-Up
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By far the rarest of the three special edition pick-ups was the #1929 Carpenter's Truck. Offered for
only two years (1964-65), this truck is extremely hard to find today. The 1965 catalog shows this
truck as being offered in a green color - and with one less piece of wood!
Finding all of the tools that went with this truck, not to mention the plastic bed cover, is an almost
impossible task. Although the catalog mentions only 5 tools, this truck has 7 - which I believe to be
original. The catalog illustrations omit the offset screwdriver and the square.
Deluxe Operating Dump Truck
The word "Deluxe" was probably added after 1965 as a way of distinguishing this truck from an earlier
model that was "upgraded" to the Mighty Metal line. This earlier truck can be seen at bottom of page.
It started out as Dump Truck #902 in 1963. In 1964 it became #1902. In 1965 it was listed as #1902
and shown in the catalog as an all-orange truck. The 1967 version above was cataloged as #1852.
The 1967 catalog shows this truck as #1852 and available in two color schemes for that year - both
are shown above. It is not clear when the new square-shaped decal was introduced.
Somehow this truck, #801 (#1801 in 1964) introduced in 1959(!) got upgraded to Mighty Metal status
after 1965. It was probably a big seller and inventory was still high. Nice bright color anyway.