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Version #2  -   1946-47
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I restored this Kar-Bike to resemble the one my
brother received at the same time I received the
two-tube model shown on the previous page.

Although his was "pea-soup" green as shown, it
remains unclear if this was a factory color.

Without the lower bar for support, it was fairly
easy to break the main body tube at the weak
point where the steering shaft penetrated it.

This toy was given to Michael as a surprise
birthday gift.
Unlike the two-tube model, the single-tube
model's steering column was not adjustable.
A much longer yoke had to be used on the
single-tube model to support the pedal pulley.
These plain hub-caps were made especially for
these Kar-Bikes. They resemble the originals.
The step plates on the rear of all Kar-Bikes
came in very handy when giving rides.
An Un-restored Original
This single-tube Kar-Bike remains in remarkably
good condition and retains all of its original

Its maroon color seems to be the standard. I
have never seen a Kar-Bike (except my
brother's) that wasn't maroon.

The two photos below illustrate the Kar-Bike's
biggest selling point to parents: SAFETY.
The second photo shows how the front wheels
stayed on the ground even when the rear wheels
were air-borne (which often happened).
The Metal Specialties nose decal trumpeted
"SAFETY" as did most of their advertising.
Even when going around a corner too fast the
driver could still maintain control.
Many Kar-Bikes had this smooth surfaced seat
covering. Very comfortable.
Note the large "M" embossed on the hub-cap. It
stood for Metal Specialties - the manufacturer.
Original Kar-Bike tires were made by Good Year. They were 10x1.50" and may have been used on
other riding toys as well. Only the right rear wheel was powered - causing much tread loss on that tire.