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Version #3  -  1948-49
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Here is a third version of the Kar-Bike. This style
featured  two parallel bars running along each
side of the pedal yoke. The rest of the toy is
identical to the single-tube version pictured on
the previous page, with the exception that on this
version the steering column is adjustable.

This version was available after Weller Products,
Inc. took over production in 1948.

A fourth version Kar-Bike (made of pressed
steel!) may have also been produced. See the
literature section for details.
This parallel bar version included an adjustable
streering column.
One advantage of this style was the reduction in
the number of snagged pant legs in the pulley.
This appears to be an original pedal but is
slightly different than the other Torrington Jr.'s.
The canvas type seat cover also appears to be
As the decal shows, Weller Products, Inc. made
this toy. Still touting the SAFETY feature.
The original "M" stood for Metal Specialties. Did
Weller just pretend it was a "W"? How convenient!